Healds For Narrow Fabrics Looms

Product Name: Healds For Narrow Fabrics Looms


  • We are pleased to introduce ourselves as pioneer manufacturer of Healds For Narrow Fabric in India and at present having widest range in world to suit every application by offering every combination in all size We are manufacturing all this sizes in every type of loops, eyelets, strip width and thickness and plating.
  • Precision dimension, latest machinery, prime quality raw material and quality control at every stage, ends up to very fine quality control of the Narrow Fabric Healds.
  • Scientifically and accurate dimensions improves life of the healds and finish of the Fabrics.
  • We had developed duplex heald wire for very fine Satin ribbon also. Highly polished Eye and round side edges improves life of healds and luster of fabrics.

Specification For Narrow Fabric Healds


150 MM to 332 MM


4 MM to 8 MM


0.2 MM to 0.8 MM


3.5x2.5, 5.5x3.5, 3x2, 3x1.5,

Square, Oval and Round


Straight, Cropping, Simplex and Duplex


Stainless Steel, High Carbon Spring Steel


Nickel Plating